Saturday, 13 August 2016

New Projects and a Mini Haul

I have been back to sketching with my soft pastels (and oil pastels). They are one of my favorite medium to work with. I like the way they force you to be more loose and expressionist, since it's difficult to achieve a lot of fine detail with them. Here is a drawing I have done of a blue throat:

It took me roughly one hour and half and I finished it in two separated days.

I also got around to finish my vibrant poppies dry point. It was painted over with Jackson's artist watercolors, they are excellent paints for the price.

I have also started another linocut project, trying to make at least one set of prints each month and since the last ones were mostly dry points, I though it was time to get back to some lino cutting.

Finally I got some boxes to organize my supplies and with them, these two lovely items:

I am really curious to try the monoprint plates, they are quite versatile allowing for a lot of printmaking techniques, as I discovered reading the back of the package:

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