Sunday, 17 April 2016

Swan Monotype and New Etching Project

Some days ago I have done a monotype of a swan, and I decided to complement it with other media (in this case pastel pencils). Below is a picture from before and after I colored the monotype.

I really like the effect and I think I'm starting to get the hang on monotypes, so definitely will be keeping doing these in the future. I think monotypes are perfect for mixed media use, they offer a base drawing with an indication of the values that can be improved with other media, from watercolors to pastels. 

Much like etching for example, so after being done with my last four etchings of flowers, I decided it was time to progress to something a little bit more difficult. I took an old photograph from me and my husband at the beach and made an drypoint etching from it:

I will be adding watercolors or color pencils to these etchings also, and experimenting with combining different media and techniques. Here is a better look at the etching work: 

This was done in a Dura-Lar film sheet and I used Charbonnel Aqua Wash etching ink in black. I have painted the dura-lar sheet with a stiff old brush and then wiped the excess of ink with chess cloth (also called "tarlatan" I think). 

The sheet was worked with a simple etching tool from Arteina, it's not expensive and does the job decently. But you can also use a needle, x-acto knife or basically something sharp to make the indentations in the dura-lar sheet. 

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