Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Mixed Media with Printmaking

Based on an old illustration I had done some time ago, I decided to make a lino cut and combine it with different types of media, mostly water media (watercolors, inktense pencils and graphitint pencils from Derwent) .

This is the old illustration I had done:

I used watercolors and a pen in sepia color. And here are some of the new prints:

Starting from the top to the right, the first one is an original done just in white  and black, the second one I colored with Graphitint pencils, the third one with watercolors and the last one with Inktense pencils.

I used Caligo Safe Wash Relief ink and was delighted with the results. The comes smoothly in the lino cut and makes very consistent prints. It's also great to combine with water media, since it tolerates washes of watercolor without bleeding. Needless to say, you must first let the ink dry completely before applying any watery media on it, but after that you can splash as much water as you want.

I particularly liked the effect of the combination with watercolor and will definitely use in the future mixed media projects.

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