Friday, 22 January 2016

Printmaking Mini Haul

After some experiments with relief printmaking, I decided I wanted to go deeper into this media. So I have some new acquisitions:

Two blocks of printmaking paper from Strathmore (one from the 300 series and the other from the 400 series, which a little bit better supposedly), Schmincke College set of inks for relief printmaking, Calligo Safe Wash black ink (so I can start to add watercolor to my prints) and finally some more lino to cut!

My kitchen turns into a printmaking studio once in a while:

A close up of some of the final prints:

I achieved the background with "pastel marbling", a technique I found on the Hajra Meeks channel. It's a little tricky to do it, but the effect is worth it.

And another print:

I'm quite happy this one, I like how the water reflections came out, although there are some spots where the ink didn't grab the paper properly.

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