Friday, 28 August 2015

Dear Prismacolor I'm done with you....

So Prismacolor...great brand?Best on the market?Artists quality pencils?

Yeah,...well not really.

After hearing so many people praising Prismacolor I decided to give it a go. I first bought a set of 24 pencils and I was more or less happy with. The colors looked great, the pencils layed down the color very well but some of the pencils had the core broken (on this set it was just two of the pencils).

So I though maybe I was just unlucky...

I decided then to steak to Prismacolor pencils, instead of going for Polychromos for example, because so many people praised them so much, so surely they had to be good! I just need more time to work with them and learn what I was doing wrong.

So I bought the 72 set...Big Mistake. This was just a waste of money, below are some images of what has occurred in nearly all of my pencils (and when I say nearly all I'm not exaggerating).

I stopped counting how many of my pencils came with a broken core, seriously this is absurd. It's impossible to work with these pencils, they break all the f***** time!

I have tried sharpening them with a normal sharpener, I've tried an electrical one, I've tried even sharpen them with a knife...Nothing works.

So dear Prismacolor, I done with you! Next time I'm buying Polychromos (or any other brand honestly) and I advice anyone to do the same if they are thinking about buying color pencils.

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